Состояние: Новый

Артикул: 63010

Part number: 100301JJ

Производитель: LUBE GARD

Вес нетто: 0.32 кг.

Полное описание

he ORIGINAL Universal ATF Protectant that ELIMINATES ATF CONFUSION & THE NEED TO STOCK MULTIPLE ATF’s For use with any specified ATF recommended by the car manufacturer, such as OEM types and DEXRON®/MERCON® ATF’s. (Except Ford Type F ATF or CVT applications) Enhances DEXRON® III, VI/MERCON® ATF’s to perform like MERCON® V ATF Enhances DEXRON® III, VI/MERCON® , V ATF to perform like a highly friction modified ATF, such as: – Honda® Genuine ATF – Toyota® Type T/TII/TIV – Mopar® ATF + 3® (7176) – Mopar® ATF +4® (9602) – And all other highly friction modified ATF's Contains all the same benefits as the LUBEGARD ATF Protectant Prevents overheating Dramatically reduces friction & wear on metal parts and internal components Will not alter the crucial sulfur balance in your transmission fluid Will not harm yellow metals Inhibits fluid oxidation and foaming Contains patented Synergol® TMS Technology, a synthetic molecule that tightens the shift cycle without losing the friction modification at lockup, which eliminates shudder Eliminates torque converter shudders Ensures proper shifts Frees stuck valves & keeps them free Extends fluid change intervals Protects & restores seals for optimum performance Conditions & restores seals and o-rings Does not contain any harmful components such as zinc (ZDDP)/ash, etc., like other competing products